I) Information regarding fees to be obtained from the School Office. Fees can be paid in two terms or for entire year.

ii) As the school runs on a non – aided base the staff salaries and establishment expenses of the school are met entirely from the fees collected. It becomes very difficult for

the school to function properly if the fees are not paid in time.

iii) Leaving certificates or Examination Reports will be given who have cleared all their dues.

Official Correspondence

All official correspondence with the school is to be addressed to the Principal of the school.

Please do not write official letters or correspond with the class/ subject teacher on matters concerning which decisions that can only be taken by the Principal.

Notice Board

Please make it a habit to read the notice etc. displayed on the notice board to be better informed and up to date about the current school activities.

School Diary

The school diary is for the daily use by the child, teacher and parent to record the school activities, home assignment, time – table etc. The diary establishes a valuable link between the teachers and the parents with regard to the quality and quantity of work being attempted by the students in the school and at home. Any comment made must refer only to the student work and conduct.