Orientation programmes at V.P.I.E.M.S.

To create awareness among parents about the latest educational concepts, seminars, exhibitions and lectures shall be conducted regularly. There shall also be sustained efforts to orient the teaching community and the students to imbibe the essential features of all philosophical and spiritual creations and thoughts.

Activity Based Learning Programmes

Adding fun to education and making life in school a thoroughly enjoyable experience through innovative educational programmes and activity based learning methods shall be another significant aspect of our educational programme. There shall be periodic display of charts, models and illustrated fun activities and projects made by children, teachers as well as parents.

Interactive Educational Services

1) An earnest endeavour shall be made to impart comprehensive value based education.

2) Apart from skill refinement, our educational programme shall be aiming at strengthening the self – confidence of the learners in their talent and capabilities.

3) Through interactive educational services a congenial learning environment shall be developed to encourage participation of all the students in different educational activities.

4) To release stress – Happy space for students.

Co – operative Learning

We reinforce co-operative learning, talent sharing resource and sharing of information.