School Examinations

i) Evaluation : Nursery to Std VIII Assessment are ongoing and continuous & cover scholastic, personality & co-curricular aspects. They are done in such a way that inter-learner comparisons & fear of external examinations is minimized.

ii) To evaluate the progress of the students of IX & X regular Tests and Examinations are conducted.

iii) The decision of the Principal in regard to promotion in the annual examination will be final.

iv) Any student cheating in the paper, by any unfair means is liable to be expelled from the school.

v) Application for verification of marks in special case will be considered at the discretion of the Principal.

vi) In order to pass std. IX & X student must secure at least 35% of the marks in each subject.

vii) Competitive Exams : The State Government Scholarship Examinations are held for std. V and VIII.
Mathex, National Science, Maths & Cyber Olympiads are conducted. MTS exams & ASSET exams are conducted.